Wednesday, August 17, 2011

External Solid Doors for Peace of Mind

Exterior doors are known for their important role that they play in ensuring that you are well protected from any harm. A strong door will make sure that no intruder gets to your house. Apart from this function, the doors also will shield you from harsh climate. This only depends on the design of the door. Another important role that the doors play is decorating the home. Once the entry point looks glamorous just from the outside, it makes the home look great right from the doorstep.

Types of exterior door designs:
The external doors ddsigns are there to make sure that everyone has his preference catered for. It depends on what makes the first feature should one consider. One might go for the operating mechanism of the door. Since this is the entry point, the opening mechanism should be smooth but also offer strong defense when it is locked. There are doors that open to one side with the side hinges as their pivot. There are also doors that allow Bi fold to open. Sliding doors are pushed to one side to open. Another criterion that one should consider is the material used to make the door. It will determine the strength of the door, possible decor on the door and its comfort capabilities. Here are some of the doors designed with focus placed on the material used to make them:

• PVCu Doors: They are made of wood glass decor. They are known for their little need for maintenance. They are also designed to allow thermal insulation.

• Hardwood and softwood doors: These doors are made of hard grain woods such as cedar and oak. They are known to be strong and their plain design can fit in any design. Their finish dictates their final color. They seldom rot and can withstand all kinds of climate.

• Metal doors: They are known for their strength and longevity. The iron doors are strong and heavy while aluminium metal doors maintain the strength trait but are lighter. As for iron doors, their resistance to rust depends on the percentage of metal alloys that are added on them. Metal can be forged into different designs and shapes and this explains why many would prefer a certain kind of door.

Another feature that is of primary concern to many as consumers shop for external solid doors is whether the door is soundproof. Should it be, then it comes as a relief to those who would wish to have a quiet interior free from external sounds. Double glazed external doors top sales because of their ability to control comfort levels in the home. Double glazed doors allow one to retain the heat gained during summer. This is because in between the double glass, there is either vacuum or inert gas, which is a solid barrier to any form of heat transfer.

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